Financial Services

Strategic integration for financial firms and institutions has been a forte of Accucom’s core support offerings. Providing an information conduit and a digital tool set for broker’s, trader’s and asset managers has permitted our consulting group the insight to provide available and affordable fault tolerant and redundant measures that is baseline to the financial services industry. Concatenating network integration and application development supplies managers with the opportunity to transparently expand office operations converting technology into profit. 

Accucom Consulting’s financial services competencies include:

• Technology Review and Certification
It is necessary to perform an initial but through survey of network and application processes. Here is where we discover any obstacle that can impede workflow and also allow us to make necessary recommendations to improve performance through design and implementation.

• Core applications
Financial software can be complex and our experience has provided us with installation of a myriad of products dating from the Schwartzatron and Bloomberg terminals to current web based clearing.

• Application Development
From sophisticated reporting to spreadsheet and database design our objective has always been to streamline information flow. Our development team has been instrumental in this on-going process providing deliverables in a timely and expedient manner.

Accucom Consulting, Inc. currently supports hedge funds, insurance companies’, private equity firms, brokerages, mortgage companies, private wealth asset managers and other financial services firms. We have a long history of working with commodities and energy companies who also use a financial service model for managing their companies.

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