Security has come to mean much more than “is the front door locked?” It is often a case of whose watching the door. With products that provide Intrusion Detection, Stateful Inspection, SMTP Gateway filters, Port blocking, Content Filtering and Authentication Service we can in effect provide the client with a myriad of protection and also a list of potential suspects looking to gain un-welcomed entries to their network.

While all Internet users realize that Anti-virus is mandatory not all users have an optimal configuration. Accucom Consulting has deployed proven practices that are transparent to the client but have provided an unparalleled success rate for arresting, quarantining and deleting these intrusive annoyances. The latest scheme by these detrimental developers is the adware or spyware that invades your Internet preferences and reports your browsing habits. We have confronted these nuisances with our own white paper outlining the circumstances.

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