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We know that there is no secret regarding virtualizing applications, but we were at the very forefront with the first version of VMware and Microsoft Hyper-Visor. Deploying these tools have not only provided a cost savings to our clients, but have allowed us to present best practices and formal designs for disaster recovery and redundancy.


Our experience with managing client’s on-premises infrastructure has allowed us to seamlessly transition application and data storage to the cloud arena. We have been supporting and delivering cloud applications long before it became popular. Having been a Citrix solution provider for over 20 years has given us the architecture knowledge to accommodate the smallest client up to enterprise solutions.

Our datacenter acumen, and application delivery knowledge provides our clients options when looking for best practice solutions. Having partnerships with Amazon Web Services ™ , Citrix ® , Microsoft ®  (Azure ™ ), VMware ®,, HPE ® and DELL ® means we have the best engineering support team to fulfill data storage and delivery requirements.


Today’s computing environment needs to be agnostic in application access. Most of our clients enjoy the same user experience regardless s of their location. We provide their application in the same fashion either in or out of the office with full support.


Secure Access from Everywhere

Security is paramount and our focus has always maintained an underlying
belief that delivery has to endure the rigors of possible breaches. Our standard practice of deploying time tested firewall and content filtering measures along with Intrusion detection. VPN’s and geo-fencing have kept our clients safe from Cyber-attacks. We have also incorporated several Multi- Factor Authentication tools to further encrypt Internet traffic. With the addition of more users and devices accessing your network increases the risk and exposure. We have policy protocols to securely guide that growth while we upgrade your OS patches as a part of our service.


Ultimately computing is about the end user experience. All the discussion regarding best practices, delivery and security are integral to the comprehensive package but it will always center around the user’s experience. Our firm’s success is predicated on the details that allow the user to have all of their applications and performance but with their own unique requirements as well. This is referred to as the “End Point “and that has been Accucom Consulting; Inc.’s primary goal for the last 30 years. We know that satisfying the computing requirements of the user are the keys to a lasting relationship.


Planning Back Ups and Disaster Recovery are all about 2 criteria; 1) Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and 2) Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Having a comprehensive Back Up is defined by the restoration capabilities. Our experience has told us that routine file restores are the only method for calculating risk and vulnerabilities. The RPO factor allows the client to determine what an acceptable point of their data is for restoring (previous day, last 4 hours etc.). A company’s RTO is based on how long it will take to return to a production environment from the actual restore process. Of course budgetary concerns can dictate these decisions and we help mitigate the process through presenting multiple options. These options include…


Simply put, business continuity is a plan by the client and provider to decide how much, if not all, of the client’s production environment has a contingency. This contingency can contain highly-available hardware, software and applications that continue to function outside of the routine production environment in the event of a major interruption.


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