Westport, CT based Accucom Consulting, Inc. (ACI) has purchased assets of OTSolved.com, a Newtown CT based cloud computing solution that manages the process of assigning and tracking overtime work assignments.

ACI is an IT services, network infrastructure and software development firm serving corporate and government clients for over 22 years. ACI focuses on mission-critical applications including public safety, finance, legal and healthcare.
Chris McLoughlin, President of ACI, said: “We’ve become a key player in the municipal and law enforcement market, where we help agencies streamline and accelerate information delivery. OTSolved.com will assist these agencies in their complex duty and overtime schedules to provide efficient staffing and reducing municipal costs.”

The OTSolved brand will remain intact, and thanks to the additional industries served by ACI, will be introduced to the healthcare industry and other sophisticated scheduling environments.

Find out more at www.accucomci.com and www.otsolved.com.

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