Hosting Services

We provide secure “hardened ” facilities to house our client’s servers and applications. Application Service Providing allows Accucom to leverage our software and networking management skills to monitor and distribute the clients’ programs. A central computing (server-centric) model consolidates resources (hardware, software and configuration) at a single level and distributes the application to a “thin-client ( a workstation or terminal ) that requires little or no processing power. In turn this reduces any initial infrastructure investment and allows the client to reach their applications anytime and anywhere. This server-centric/thin-client computing model allows the host provider to apply application and programming upgrades once and propagate them to all users. All of these processes take place in a manned 24 hour 7 day a week facility with redundant power and bandwidth vendors. Some of these applications are also mirrored in a similar facility with equal redundancy. All of these components can translate to consistent lower monthly costs.


Accucom Consulting’s Microsoft Certified engineers have been installing MS- Exchange since its foundation. Our expertise travels well beyond MS-Exchange to Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and Unix Send-Mail. For clients who prefer POP3 Internet based accounts we have several mail servers in different locations providing redundancy manned by a 24 hour technical staff in a multiple fiber bandwidth and generator protected facility.

Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Planning Back Ups and Disaster Recovery are all about 2 criteria; 1) Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and 2) Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Having a comprehensive Back Up is defined by the restoration capabilities. Our experience has told us that routine file restores are the only method for calculating risk and vulnerabilities. The RPO factor allows the client to determine what an acceptable point of their data is for restoring (previous day, last 4 hours etc.). 
A company’s RTO is based on how long it will take to return to a production environment from the actual restore process. Of course budgetary concerns can dictate these decisions and we help mitigate the process through presenting multiple options. These options include.

Business Continuity

Simply put, business continuity is a plan by the client and provider to decide how much, if not all, of the client’s production environment has a contingency. This contingency can contain highly-available hardware, software and applications that continue to function outside of the routine production environment in the event of a major interruption.

Remote Access

With the advent of inexpensive residential cable modems and DSL offerings we’ve seen our client base increasingly request access from remote locations to their offices. VPN, WAN connection, PC Anywhere , Citrix , Terminal Server, VNC, which solution is right for your firm? Accucom Consulting has been answering these questions since DOS (Jurassic Age of Computing) was the only PC operating system choice. Currently, Accucom Consulting has many clients that have remote locations, branch offices and wireless field representatives that use a combination of all the technologies listed above.

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