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Accucom Consulting, Inc. has been involved in providing software and computer network services for the legal community for 2 decades. Understanding law firm work flow process has allowed us to deliver specific consulting needs that include data management, discovery and governance. Our clients have learned to not only survive technology advances but to embrace them. Our experiences ensure a full complement of law practice services ranging from time and billing applications (Juris, Time Matters, Billing Matters, PC Law) through document assembly and management (MS-SharePoint and Worldox). We can provide onsite or remote demonstrations of any of the listed applications.

Working closely with law firms in case and practice management is an objective that we have maintained for almost 20 years. The past several years has us involved in data forensics and e-discovery processes. Because of our diverse experience and competency set we have been able to extract invaluable information for our clients to use in complicated litigation. 

Relying on a granular understanding of messaging (Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, we have been instrumental in culling germane and specific case related incidences. While using industry standard tools to accomplish these tasks we have had to devise and create addition tools to accommodate client’s aging and outdated operating systems and back up routines. 

Performing digital excavation and identification has allowed us to develop unique techniques in analyzing case related e-mails, calendar appointments, To-Do lists, contacts, Instant Messaging and raw data from spreadsheets, databases, document and image repositories, contact managers, time mangers and specific hand held devices (iPhone, Blackberry , Windows Mobile…) including customized client relation management (CRM)applications. We have been very successful in retrieving deleted items from all of the listed categories. 

Services Include:

• Email Discovery
• Forensics Consulting
• Browsing Analysis (Calendars, Document Management Systems, CRM, Etc.)
• Mail Servers Exploration (Notes, Exchange, GroupWise, Etc.)
• Email case indexing
• Web Histories Forensics (Calendars, Document Management Systems, CRM, Etc.) 
• Instant Messaging Forensics
• {{Acquiring and Analyzing Specialized Systems (Dynamics, SAS, PeopleSoft, etc.) }}

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